Thursday, February 27, 2020

Low Glycemic Index Diet on Weight Loss Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words

Low Glycemic Index Diet on Weight Loss - Essay Example The aim of the study was to find the correlation between glycemic index and long run weight. Glycemic index is a parameter which measures the speed at which a food causes blood sugar or "glucose" to rise. It should be noted that food which gives a quick boost of energy like candies and white bread have high glycemic index while more complex carbohydrates which are relatively much slower to be converted into energy as classified with low glycemic index. With these purpose, the researchers evaluated 376 normal weight men and women which were followed up six years later. The research reveals different results for men and women concluding that the effect of glycemic index diet is gender based. On women, high glycemic index is linked to "greater waist circumference, body weight, and percentage of body fat" (Low Glycemic Index 6). These results are even more pronounced on women who live sedentary lifestyles. However, these findings are not observed in men. The study clearly reveals that consumption of a low glycemic index diet comprised of complex carbohydrates can be instrumental in preventing abdominal obesity in woe. It can also be deduced that diet induced obesity can be reduced by having an active lifestyle. I strongly agree with the article. Having experienced dieting myself, I can say that complex carbohydrates and fiber are dieter's best friend.

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