Monday, February 10, 2020

Coursework on Employment Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 2500 words

Coursework on Employment - Essay Example An employment agreement can also confirm the status of employment. 3 This may at will or at a specified term, length of term of employment. The employer can clearly define the minimum commitments and obligations for both the employer and employee and , if the agreement is well drafted, this can minimize disputes based upon the termination of the employment relationship by clearly setting forth the terms under which the employer and employee may separate. Under the law employers are required to give their employees a written statement with regards to the details relating to the contract of employment. 4 However, the law does not prescribe the actual substantive content of the terms of employment as long as it does not divert from the objective of the law. It is stipulated that what is actually required is that the particulars can be set out in a formal contract or written statement. It must indicate the particulars in a single document but cross-reference can be made to other documents in respect to sickness and pensions entitlements and disciplinary and grievance procedures. These documents should be easily accessible such as in a employee handbook and pension rulebook. The data that must be indicated in the written contract of employment must include the name of the employer and employee, the date when the employment is to commence, the rate of renumeration, the schedule at which the renumeration is to be paid, terms and conditions relating _____________________ 3 Black's Law Dictionary 75 (8th Ed. 2004) 4 Employment Rights Act 1996 (c. 18), part 1, Employment Particulars, Right to Statements of Employment Particulars Serapio 3 to hours of work, holidays, holiday pay, sick pay, pension schemes, notice entitlements, job title, term of employment, place of work, details of disciplinary and grievance procedures and details of any collective agreements which affect the terms and conditions of the employment. Subsequently, the written agreement contract must be given not later than two months after the beginning of the employee's employment and any changes thereat must be relevant to the matters which must be confirmed to the employee by way of a written notice to be given at the

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