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The During The Second World War Essay - 1735 Words

During the Second World War My grandfather had served in the United States Navy starting in 1944. During his time in the war he was able to visit many islands that were once being occupied by the Japanese and could see the remainders of their rule. He was able to see what had happened to the local people who got caught in the middle of a war that they had no place in and how it affect all of them. That is what I researched, how the Japanese treated the people that they occupied and what had happened to the people during the Second World War. Before the start of the war many of the islands in the pacific had been inhabited by native people, and during the Age of Imperialism many islands had been taking over by European powers for their natural resources. These islands being just south of Japan had gained their interest for both economic and strategic reasons and they began to take control of them in the late 1800 s. Then throughout the war the Japanese had captured many islands during the war and had moved some ways into China as well. The people who would be used as a labor force and sometimes the women would become â€Å"comfort women† or sex slaves. It is shown that the way that the Japanese treated the inhabitants was poor and towards the end of the war when the Americans came in the Japanese would have the inhabitants actually commit suicide. Japan treated the inhabitants horribly and some compare it to a Holocaust of their own with other numbers of war crimes. EvenShow MoreRelatedNutrition During The Second World War1255 Words   |  6 PagesNutrition Essay During the Second World War, the majority of the United Kingdom lived under food rations. Advice and recipes were written in magazines and heard on the radio; making the public aware of how to continue pursuing healthy eating habits. Despite the war’s restrictions, the awareness the government injected into people had a lasting effect – the overall nutrition of the population improved. Nowadays, Australia seems to be under a modern day food crisis. The increase of working hours, extracurricularRead MoreThe Trials During The Second World War1752 Words   |  8 Pages A set of military trials held after the Second World War between 1945 to 1947 by the Allies in the city of Nuremberg, Germany, is known as the Nuremberg Trials. This series of Trials aimed to prosecute the war criminals whom were former prominent leaders in the Nazi Party, or had participated in the deportation and annihilation of the Jewish race during the Second World War. The judges were from Fran ce, Britain, the United States, and the Soviet Union and the indictments were divided intoRead MoreGenocide Committed during Second World War 1181 Words   |  5 PagesThe genocide committed during Second World War is one that still scars the human psyche to this day. The horrors of the Second World War lead to Raphael Lemkin’s creation of a new word, â€Å"genocide† in 1944 (Conversi 2006: 320). The definition of genocide is still under dispute by academics (Dallaire and Coleman 2013: 778; Manaktala 2012: 179; Hinton 2012: 11). For the purposes of this essay the definition used is the one created by the United Nations following the signing of resolution 240 (StantonRead MoreGender Roles During The Second World War908 Words   |  4 PagesDuring the Second World War, Britain experienced a steady shift away from the traditional gender roles harbored by their predominantly male controlled society. Women were treated as second-class citizens. Gender inequality was promi nent throughout Britain during this time, and like many other woman, Nella Last’s sole occupation was as a mother and housewife. Although Nella mentally opposed some gender inequalities during the Second World War, she agreed with some expected societal roles for woman:Read MoreRacial Discrimination During The Second World War1443 Words   |  6 PagesThe decades during the second World War presented multiple forms of racial discrimination, affecting the functions and moods of domestic communities, including outside influences, social prejudice, and economic discrimination in both America and Europe. In To Kill a Mockingbird, the young narrator named Scout witnesses racial tensions in the glacial-paced town of Maycomb shake up the community, and create grand-scale cracks in the ground contrasting opinions and revealing hypocrisies hidden underneathRead MoreMilitary Operations During The Second World War2404 Words   |  10 PagesThe Second World War was unparalleled in the horrifying acts and outcomes of war as well as in the incredible scientific and technological advances that continue to influence current military operations and people’s everyday lives. Although the Second World War is often remembered for some of the most terrible acts of violence in human history, it was also a time of incredible scientific advances. Numerous scientific and technological improvements significantly influenced military operations duringRead MoreSoviet Crimes During The Second World War1970 Words   |  8 PagesSoviet Crimes During the Second World War Nazi Germany and Stalinist Russia both were totalitarian killers and criminals of genocide. There is much more evidence regarding the Nazi crimes than Soviet ones and about those who conceived and ordered the crimes, those who carried them out, and those who suffered and died as a consequence. But a conclusion of both systems Stalinist and Nazi were genocidal by their ideology that led them to use the mass killing of groups of their own citizens (and others)Read MoreThe Change of USA During the Second World War Essay875 Words   |  4 PagesThe Change of USA During the Second World War Over the course of the Second World War, American society changed in various ways. Though some things good, a lot of things also got worse. In this essay I will try to explain how and what exactly happened during and after the Second World War. Women’s lives changed dramatically during the war but got no better after it. Before the US entered the conflict, women were portrayed as being basic house wives who did not workRead MoreAustralia s Involvement During The Second World War1100 Words   |  5 PagesThe Second World War commenced in 1939 to 1945. Australia’s involvement in the Second World War was announced by Prime Minister Robert Gordon Menzies on the 3rd of September 1939. Roughly one million Australian men and women served the World War passionately guarding its allies. Australia took part in many campaigns during the Second World War in Europe, the Mediterranean, North Africa, South-East Asia and the Pacific regions. Many notable defence units that were involved in the Second World War: RoyalRead MoreGermany s Early Success During The Second World War1745 Words   |  7 Pagesdifferent factors attributed to Germany’s early success during the Second World War. While some factors were more significant to the German’s success, there is no debating that all of them contributed to the German’s attacking and conquering of E urope. It took quite a while for the Germans to begin to have trouble winning battles. The early success of Germany from 1939 to 1941 was due to Western Europe being afraid to have another World War, America’s lack of initial intervention, the Blitzkrieg

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